[Can a four month baby eat quail egg yolk]_Quail egg yolk_Baby_Can I eat

[Can a four month baby eat quail egg yolk]_Quail egg yolk_Baby_Can I eat

Babies who are breastfeeding will start to add complementary foods after 4 months. Generally, they start with rice noodles. You can also add some egg yolks in an appropriate amount, about one-eighth. It is also possible to eat quail egg yolks, but not excessiveIt’s almost the same as egg yolk.

Can quail egg yolks be eaten by one or four month babies?

Your baby should add supplementary food from four months. At the beginning, you can start feeding the egg yolks, you can feed one-eighth first, and then observe whether the baby’s stool is normal. If normal, it can prove that he can digest.

Then add more, or add other complementary foods, such as rice noodles, rice porridge, egg custard, fruit puree, vegetable puree and so on.

If your baby has indigestion, you need to suspend supplementary food supplementation. Your baby’s stomach may still be weak. Add supplementary food supplements when he is older.

Also don’t let your baby catch cold, cold can cause indigestion.

Second, the food that 4 months babies cannot eat 1. Staple food: The destruction of B vitamins in fine cereals will affect the development of vision due to the loss of too much chromium and become a major cause of myopia.

2. Snack foods: egg white, fish with high mercury content, in the early stages of complementary foods, do not let them appear as well.

3, seafood: crabs, shrimps and other shelled seafood will cause allergic symptoms of the baby, it is not recommended to feed before 1 year old.

4. Vegetables: Some vegetables such as spinach, chives, amaranth and other vegetables containing a lot of oxalic acid, bamboo shoots and burdock and other difficult-to-digest vegetables should not appear in complementary foods too soon.

5, beans: beans contain factors that can cause goiter, the baby is more vulnerable to damage during the growth and development period.

In addition, legumes are difficult to cook thoroughly, and can easily cause allergic and toxic reactions.

6. Fruits: Fruits that are likely to cause allergies such as mango, pineapple, and hairy fruits (fruits, kiwis) are best not to be eaten by babies.

7, beverages: such as mineral water, purified water, functional drinks, irritating drinks.

8, seasoning: sand tea sauce, tomato sauce, pepper sauce, mustard, monosodium glutamate, or too much sugar and other flavoring seasonings, it is easy to increase the baby’s hypertension burden, and interfere with the body’s absorption of other nutrients.

Do not eat salt for babies under one year old, too much MSG will affect the use of zinc in the blood.

9. Snacks: Strictly speaking, in the initial stage of complementary food for babies, babies should not be given snacks, especially snacks containing additives and pigments. These things are less nutritious and high in sugar, and they are easy to destroy the taste of infants and children.Cracked teeth and so on.