[How to make milk skin]_How to do_How to do

[How to make milk skin]_How to do_How to do

Milk skin is a kind of dairy product preferred by ethnic minorities such as Kazakh, Uygur and Mongolia. The main raw material is fresh milk from horses, sheep, cows and camels. The production process is not very complicated, but it requires comprehensive ingredients.

If you have eaten authentic milk skin, you will definitely be very impressed.

The method of making milk skin is not very difficult, as long as the raw materials are abundant, master the method and make it at home.

So, what is the practice of milk skin?

The most authentic way of eating milk skin is to be a snack.

Straighten into small pieces for extra rich flavor; the other is to drink milk tea, soak a few pieces of milk crust, soak in, sprinkle with fried rice, unique flavor; can also be used in ordinary porridge, put in white porridge, The fragrant and soft milk skin is eaten with white porridge, which is full of flavor.

To pull the milk crust, add flour, starch and baking powder (two teaspoons) to the right amount of water and stir well, add a little salad oil, and stir into a crispy paste; cut the prepared crust into diamond-shaped pieces; sit on the pan and add the salad oil,When the oil temperature rises to 4 to 50%, the milk crust is fried and shaped, remove the drained oil, and when the oil temperature rises to 50 to 60%, fry until golden.Add water, stir-fry with white sugar, melt until yellow, pour fried milk crust, stir fry and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

The nutritional value of milk skin is 1, protein intake, which can maintain potassium and sodium balance; eliminate edema.

Improve immunity.

Lowering blood pressure is conducive to growth and development.

2. Calcium is the basic raw material for skeletal development, which directly affects height; regulates enzyme activity; participates in nerve and muscle activity and neurotransmitter release; regulates hormone secretion; regulates heart rhythm, reduces cardiovascular permeability; controls inflammation andEdema; maintaining acid-base balance and so on.

3. Certain copper, copper is an indispensable micronutrient for human health, and has important effects on the development and function of blood, central nervous and immune system, hair, skin and skeletal tissue, and brain, liver and heart.

4, diabetes, maintain body temperature and protect internal organs; provide essential fatty acids; promote the absorption of these fat-soluble vitamins; increase satiety.

Benefits of eating milk skins Milk skins, pure taste, rich nutrition.

Adding milk tea, milk nuts, and fried rice to eat is a great treat to entertain VIPs. It was once called the “hundreds of food”. It is undeniable whether it is home dining, banquet or worship of ancestors.

Varieties and production methods vary from region to region.

There are milk skin, cream, cheese, milk tofu and so on.