[How to salt white radish and pickles is delicious _ how to pile white radish is delicious _ salt and white radish practice Daquan]

[How to salt white radish and pickles is delicious _ how to pile white radish is delicious _ salt and white radish practice Daquan]

Among the many pickles, pickles can be said to be a popular type.

Many vegetables can be used to make pickles, but most widely used, really popular ingredients are radishes.

The method of making radish and pickles is different for each household. So, how to pickle white radish to make it delicious?

Today we introduce to you one of the simplest and most delicious ways to make pickles of white radish.

Dried radish is a homemade dish made from radish.

The production of dried radishes is generally carried out around the winter solstice, and it has to undergo three processes of “sun drying, pickling, and hiding.”

Dried pickled radish has unique flavors such as fresh, fragrant and sweet. Most of the fragrant substances are formed by the decomposition of protein. The protein in the radish is marinated by the action of microorganisms and protein metabolism enzymes during the post-ripening period.Gradually decomposes into various amino acids, resulting in a fresh and sweet taste.

The difference in the variety of fresh radish and whether the harvest period just affects the crispness, flavor, and yield of the dried radish product directly. Therefore, when processing and pickling, you must choose crispness, tenderness, freshness, suitable maturity, dense and smooth tissue, and sweet taste.Variety of radishes.

After the fresh radish is marinated, the ingredients contained in it will change. Therefore, it is necessary to create suitable conditions during the marinating process, such as the amount of salt, temperature, moisture, and pH, so as to reduce the damage of nutrient components and improve the dried radish.Nutritional value and quality.

Once fresh radishes are harvested, photosynthesis ceases, and dry matter can no longer be increased. Various substances that have been stored in radishes are gradually consumed by respiration, and some are catalyzed by enzymes.Transformation, transfer, decomposition and recombination.

Radishes do not have a physiological dormant period, and they are stored for too long. When suitable conditions are encountered, radish will sprout and moss, so that the water and nutrients in the parenchyma cell tissue will be transferred to the growth point, which will cause bran heart.

As the air dries, it accelerates transpiration and accelerates the dehydration of the thin-walled tissue to become bran.

Excessive accumulation of radishes, excessive temperature and mechanical damage will lead to enhanced respiration, strong reorganization, causing excessive nutrient consumption, and bran heart and sprouts.

The bran heart completely makes the radish lose its meat quality, reduce the sugar content, and the radish tissue is soft and the flavor becomes light, which reduces the quality of dried radish.

Therefore, fresh radish must be processed and pickled in time.

The pickling process of dried radish pickles mainly uses wind and sunlight to enhance the transpiration effect, so that a large amount of radish is dehydrated, and then the high osmotic pressure of salt is used to preserve the dried radish pickles. At the same time, the fermentation of microorganisms, the decomposition of proteins and otherThe entire biochemical effect changes and increases the flavor and quality of dried radishes.

Production method 1 Cut the radishes into the air, and dry for two days if the weather is good.

2 dried pickles of radish for two days.

3 Wash with boiling water for a while.

4 Drain the water and let cool.

5 Add the old soy sauce, allspice, salt.

6 Mix the ingredients.

7 Add to freshness box and marinate for two days.

8 Stir in chili oil when eating, taste better.